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David F. Hoffman

 As a child, I constantly had music in my ear. Mom whistled and sang as she moved through the world and dad supplied a constant background of the Ray Coniff Singers, the Tijuana Brass and other jazz and contemporary tunes on the record player. They would line my siblings and I up and teach us harmonies which we would later perform for our grandparents as a family singing group. This upbringing, combined with experience in school bands, and later with many years playing horns in weekend bar bands, eventually brought me to a point in 1998 when I started working full time as a musician. David playing congas in studio

  I currently make a living sharing music with children, senior citizens and in institutional settings. I have been writing and performing original music for 25 or so years, and am now collaborating with family in this studio project 

 Songwriting, for me is an exercise in blending rhythms and intriguing pitches and sounds, with the ramblings that clang around inside my head on a regular basis. When asked why I am doing it, I surmise that I must have something to say, and these compositions are the voice I have chosen

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