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 The first instrument I learned to play was the trumpet, playing in concert and marching bands from third grade through high school. At age 12 I taught myself to play the guitar, and started my first band at age 16, in which I played the bass. I played in many bands during my college years while attending the University of Idaho, and earning a degree in Natural Resources Management. At one point I was working in three different performing bands. Those were some good times, during which I played country and western music with “Panhandle Express”, folk music with “Sun on the Mountain”, jazz with “Eclipse”, rhythm and blues with “The Kingpins”, rock with “Johnny Adult”, and jammed with many other musician friends.

  Later, during my career as a forester, I joined the Peace Corps, and ended up working in the Galapagos Islands. While living in Ecuador, I discovered the hauntingly beautiful music of the Andean mountains, as well as the exciting drive and sensual beat of Latin music. After returning home, I put music aside in pursuit of other interests, got married, learned to fly, and started a business.

 Then I met Dave Hoffman. Dave’s musical originality intrigued me, and I found myself drawn back into the creative excitement of making and recording songs. Now, with our latest effort “Benewah Road” completed, I feel like we are coalescing our individual musical influences into a discernable and unique sound, and I’m eagerly anticipating our next project.


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