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Merle Stephenson

    I began my life in Visalia California, where I remained, growing up uneventfully through the 60Ą¯s. Having a Mother and two aunts that were school teachers in the same town, I usually had someone looking over my shoulder in school.Merle on Goldwing 1976

    I Attended Redwood High School, during which time my main interests were playing violin in the school orchestra, riding motorcycles and quietly writing poetry. Which are things that donĄ¯t usually go togetherĄ­ But it seems IĄ¯ve always tried putting things together that donĄ¯t necessarily fit.

    After high school graduation and a couple of years of college I started working for the MervynĄ¯s Department Store chain, where I met my wife Debi. Escaping the stuffiness of life in a department store and California in general, in 1978 we moved to St. Maries, Idaho and I took a job at Economy True Value Hardware, where I remained as store manger until itĄ¯s closing in 2003.Merle at console

I have been fascinated by computers since I first heard of ENIAC, UNIVAC and COLOSSUS as a child in the late 1950's. I acquired my first personal computer in 1982 and they have been my hobby ever since.

     I started writing poetry again in 1999, and began collaborating with my musician brother-in-law, David Hoffman on song lyrics. It worked well, so in the fall of 2001 we formed Jubalsun Productions, Inc.  I am the studio technician, recording engineer and also perform the final mastering on projects.

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