Becky Jumped the Moon
By M. L. Stephenson

 Becky jumped the moon last night,
She spread her dreams and just took flight,
She left behind the life she knew,
Her spirit lifted and she just flew,
She packed up her dreams and got on a bus,
By tonight she’ll be a thousand miles from us,
She’s always had a passion for romance,
And she knew that this was her one big chance,
Her parents had pressed her into this perfect girl mold,
And she knew it wouldn’t fit since she was 10 years old,
She tried to tell them again and again,
But they wouldn’t listen; they just said it’s a sin,
She went to look for her place in the sky,
A place of her own where her spirit could fly,
The church ladies say she’s a bad girl it seems,
But Becky just had to follow her dreams,
Go Becky go, and don’t turn around,
Keep your eyes straight ahead and your feet on the ground,
Becky’s gone and she’ll do just fine,
I guess some people just need a reason to whine,
Don’t worry Becky they’ll forgive you someday,
And even if they don’t I’ll be you friend anyway,
Becky’s life journey is about to begin,
She’s a beautiful person and that’s no sin.

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