If I Could Fly On A Comet
by:  M. L. Stephenson

I would like to fly on a comet through the sky, sprinkling diamonds as I go by,
a deep conversation with the man in the moon,
Fall deeply in love with you within the month of June,
Take a quiet stroll along the serene canals of mars,
Capture moonbeams in brightly colored jars,
Sail away to Fiji, and lunch on tropical fruit,
Never ever wear a powder blue leisure suit,
Get up real early, and write a beautiful love song,
Hold you close all night long,
Live as long as I possibly can,
Be a better person than I am,
Learn the secrets of the universe,
Have lunch with a myna bird just to converse,
Learn to speak clearly with my foot in my mouth,
Sleep under a willow tree way down south,
Understand why life never turns out like it should,
Give you all the things that I never could,
Climb a mountain just because itís there,
Share some honey with a big black bear,
Be a spy and ride the Orient Express,
Love someone without making a mess,
Pick some wild flowers, and place them in your hair,
Find out why some people just donít care,
Live life without a clue, and still end up loving you.

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