Johnny B.
By M. L. Stephenson

Upon his graduation day,
Johnny B. did fly away,
The army sent him far across the sea,
To be all that he could be,
With home in his heart and a rifle in his hand,
In a rice paddy he did stand,
Dreaming dreams of Jenny Lee,
For she was his one true love you see,
Dreaming of the day they’d marry,
Her picture in a locket he did carry,
He didn’t understand that war was real,
To one so young it was no big deal,
The bullet came without a sound,
And Johnny B. fell to the ground,
With Jenny’s locket in his hand held tight,
For his last breath he did fight,
With a single tear in his eye,
Johnny B. in the mud did die,
Their future was gone with out a start,
Leaving Jenny Lee with a broken heart,
That night Jenny walked by the sea,
To say goodbye to Johnny B.,
The paper called it an accident,
But I say that bullet wasn’t spent,
It had traveled back across the sea,
And pierced the heart of Jenny Lee,
For she was found beneath Point Blye,
On the rocks by the waves she did lie
Her life's blood spilled on the sand,
And Johnny’s ring clutched in her hand.

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