My Heart Still Beats
by:  M. L. Stephenson


My heart still beats, my eyes still cry, the clouds still float around the deep blue sky
My fingers still touch, my voice still sighs; who owns these tears that are in my eyes?
The sun still shines, the birds still sing, the wounds donít show but they still sting
The stars still twinkle, does she still care? I canít see love but I know that its there
The tides still rise, the tides still fall; if only Iíd read the writing on the wall
If you listened to the stars, what secrets would they reveal?
Could they open up a heart, could they break the great seal?
If I were to call her just what could I say, and would it make any difference anyway
Itís over and done, sheís gone for good; I only wish that I understood
How could something so beautiful turn out so bad?
How could something so wonderful end up so sad?
My legs still stand, my blood still flows; whatís in the future no one knows
My ears still hear, my eyes still see, my life still lives, but is it me?
Mothers still care, babies still fuss, the sun still warms the world around us
Life still goes on, and so do I, while deep in my heart I quietly cry


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