Natural Rhyme
By M. L. Stephenson

The wind whispers through the pines, the sun is on the rise,
There’s mist down in the meadow, and longing in your eyes,
Why is it that you never say just what is on your mind?
If I could gaze into your thoughts, just what would I find?
The stars are fading from the sky; the moon has disappeared,
Birds are singing merrily and the gray skies have all cleared,
Let me kiss you once again, then take me by the hand,
Now let me get so close to you that I might understand,
The sun is climbing in the sky; it feels so soft and warm,
The day seems so peaceful now filled with all its charm,
If we could only find some way to know each other well,
Then just how much our love would grow no one could ever tell.

The wind whispers through the pines, the sun is overhead,
Deer graze in the meadow, and you lie in my bed,
The days are getting longer now; summer’s almost here,
And the path that our lives must take seems so very clear,
As humming birds drink nectar from the flowers on the vine,
Let me tell you once again, “I will love you for all time”,
I can’t begin to say how very much you mean to me,
I’ve placed my heart in your safe care and thrown away the key,
The summer storm has passed us now, there’s a rainbow in the sky,
We hold each other oh so close and tears of happiness we cry,
If I could only give to you more than this one life that is mine,
I would spend them all loving you, devoted throughout time.

The wind whispers through the pines, the sun is almost down,
There’s wonder in our eyes for this new love that we’ve found,
The days are getting shorter now, winter’s on its way,
And as we cuddle by the fire, nothing need we say,
Our day is drawing to a close; night is coming soon,
You and I walk hand in hand beneath a bright full moon,
The stars are twinkling brightly and the sky it seems so clear,
Then in the night I can’t resist the need to hold you near,
The crickets are all silent now; the snow is on the ground,
And as we walk along the path our footsteps make no sound,
But we can still remember all the laughter of the spring,
And I want to tell you dear, “I love you more than anything”.

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