Rainbows and Butterflies
by:  M. L. Stephenson

Kittens, Puppies, Mother Goose,
Christmas, Glitter, Dr. Seuss,
Bear hugs, Rainbows and Butterflies,
See the world through childrenís eyes,
Take the time to stop and share,
Tell someone how much you care,
Itís little things that mean so much,
Help lift a friend and be their crutch,
Moon beams, Candy, Lemon pies,
Stardust, Mother, Deep blue skies,
Crayons, Trains and Bees that buzz,
Can you remember how it was?
When you saw the world this way,
Discovering magic in every day,
Itís not really hard at all it seems,
In the realm of children's dreams

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