Tennis Shoe Cowboy
by:  M. L. Stephenson

Iím a tennis shoe cowboy, a two wheeliní man,
Never owned a horse without a kick stand,
With the wind on my face and bugs in my teeth,
And 1200 ccís rumbliní beneath,
I travel the trails of this great land,
On a trusty steed American made in Japan,
Rangliní a heard of Chevyís and Jeeps,
Keep an eye on those babies they play for keeps,
I was born to be wild,
A real natures child,
Rideiní a range made of highways and streets,
Searching for that place where the road and sky meets,
Yea itís true Iím just bad to the bone,
A real Hellís Angel with a cell phone,
Yep Iím a tennis shoe cowboy, what else can I say,
And Iíll keep ridiní free, long as the wife says itís OK.

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