The Arms of an Angel
by M. L. Stephenson


                       I once kissed an Angel with hair of gold,
                      Held heaven in my arms loves depth untold,
                      With skin soft as the Christmas snow,
                      And eyes deep blue with passions glow,
                      I once kissed an Angel and gave her my heart
                      And she kept it safe though we were apart,
                      But I lost my sweet Angel in a faceless crowd,
                      She disappeared behind a distant cloud,
                      So I searched the heavens for the answer to where
                      My Angel had gone but it was not there,
                      And when I finally learned of her fate,
                      My tears fell like rain for it was too late,
                      And though my heart cried out, I knew it would never be,
                      For my sweet Angel from heaven had been taken from me,
                      Though itís been many years now, my soul still cries,
                      For in the arms of an Angel my heart yet lies.


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