Virginia On Her Way
by:  M. L. Stephenson

Virginia’s finally on her way,
She really left him for good today,
The lines on the highway fly by faster and faster,
How could love turn into such a disaster,
Outside there are clear blue skies,
But there’s a raging storm within her eyes,
Her face feels battered, bruised and sore,
And she just couldn’t take it anymore,
She hopes that her friend will still be there,
He once told her that he would always care,
So she travels on through the night,
Hoping for comfort with the coming daylight,
She knows she should have gone long before,
But she just couldn’t make herself walk out that door,
She thought he’d change, but he never would,
So now she’s gone and left him for good,
She pulls the ring from her finger and it falls to the floor,
She’ll never have to be afraid anymore,
She thinks, “how could I have been a fool for so long?”
Wipes the tears from her eyes and finds it hard to be strong,
She pulls up to the curb and runs to the door,
As it opens, in exhaustion she falls to her knees on the floor,
She feels herself lifted into the air,
Carried inside and gently put down in an overstuffed chair,
He puts his hand to her face, gently wipes a tear from her eye,
And says, “Your home now Virginia, please don’t cry”

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