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Merle's Poems

  A poem is a window into the heart, a breath of life exhaled in a moment of passion.
Unlike a song, a poem must stand on its own. There is no music to support it, or fill-in the voids. Every line
must be well thought-out, to paint a portrait. But poems, like anything created using words, becomes a
personal vision created in the mind of the reader or listener. Poetry, like music has genre. A poem that
one person finds wonderful, might not be appealing to someone else. Most of my poems tend to be lyrical, but
 that's the way my mind works. These are moments of my life, encrypted and frozen in time forever.
 I have always endeavored to be simple and straight forward with my writings.
If only one person enjoys the vision that something I've created gives them, then it was worth writing.


The list bellow are a few of my thoughts from over the years. I hope that you enjoy them. 


The Arms of an Angel

Becky Jumped The Moon

My Heart Still Beats

Rainbows and Butterflies

Johnny B.

That's The Way My Whole Life Times

Extreme Indigo

Natural Rhyme

Virginia On Her Way

Tennis Shoe Cowboy

If I Could Fly On A Comet

On The Threshold Of A Dream


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