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Song Development                                                                       Songwriting  Service

 Jubalsun Productions offers song development and song writing services.  Say you have an idea for a song, or perhaps just some thoughts and a melody in your head, and you would like to see these components organized and completed in a audible or marketable format. Perhaps you¡¯d like to present your thoughts in song to someone as a gift or tribute, or are interested in contracting out the composing of a theme song or advertising ditty. We can help you in these endeavors. Jubalsun Productions can write a song for you, or work with your ideas, melody, tempo and other input and turn them into a finished song.

  We have on our staff an experienced songwriter and working musician, and a poet with years of experience. We are interested in writing songs for video productions, theme songs for products or companies, or for someone who just has an idea they wish to express.

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