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 Jubals Belfry 

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The musical entity Jubals Belfry released its first CD in 2003, titled (sound of the bell). It is a mix of contemporary tangents, threaded with insightful lyrics and a variety of musical styles.

  At the core of the group is musician / songwriter David F. Hoffman, and Merle Stephenson engineering the sound and contributing lyrics and vocals.

  Joining them vocally on the (sound of the bell) project are Debi Stephenson, Julie Worsfold and Blake Worsfold.


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Track Title
1 Bell Tower Sounds (part 1)
2 Really Rarely
3 Missing Paul
4 Through Children's Eyes
5 Left of the Center of Hope
6 Simple Ways
7 Days of the Week
8 Like a Candle
9 Message from Sante' Gopher
10 Salvation Recreation
11 Tomorrow
12 Main Friends
13 Guilty
14 Thanks
15 Peace on Earth
16 Overpass
17 Bell Tower Sounds (part 2)

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