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David F. Hoffman Musician


Hi, Dave here ……My work in the Puget Sound region is under the business name; David F. Hoffman Musician. I make a living playing and sharing music with young children, senior citizens and in institutional settings. I am interested in sharing the benefits of music with any group or individual.


 Music with children:

  In a typical music session with children I play the guitar and we sing songs both familiar and new. About mid-session, we shift focus and take a look at whichever additional instrument I have brought for the day. We talk about the instrument, how it works, where it is from, how it is made etc. I demonstrate, with more or less proficiency, how the instrument is played, and often let the children get a close up look at it. The instruments we explore include horns, stringed instruments, woodwinds, drums and percussion devices. We then wrap up the session with a few more songs and a little bit of dancing and movement.

  My goal in these sessions is to show the children how to have fun with music, assist them in embracing rhythm and melody, and to encourage them to express themselves through song and movement.


 Music with adults:

  The settings in which I find my self sharing music with adults include Senior Residences and Assisted Living communities, Memory Care facilities, Adult Day Health and Day Care Programs, Nursing Homes and Adult Family Homes. I thoroughly enjoy the time I spend in these communities.

  A music session with adults can take many forms. With larger groups of people it usually becomes either a sing along, or a concert setting. I also offer songwriting sessions where I facilitate for groups or individuals, an exercise in the creative process.

  My goal is to share the therapeutic benefits of music, to share the creative process and to participate in the exchange of energy that happens when people gather for music.


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