Cindy If You Will

                                        Hoffman / Stephenson / Stephenson


Hey Cinderella,                                                                             

Put those dishes down

Come and join our circle,

We’re going to make some sound

Kermit brought a banjo,

Little Ricky beat the drums

Lurch handles refreshments,

Robot just waves arms

Singing lot like carousel,

We all go up and down

Facing front or backward,

Still go round and still go round and


This is how our circle works,

Someone take a verse

Sing what’s in your heart and then,

Pass it off to Lurch

Who will hum a little solo,

And then pass the honor on, and

On unto the Robot,

Who always waves his arms and sings

Danger young Will Robinson,

The prince has stolen the crown

And if we don’t sing our hearts out

He may, take the kingdom down


Take one Ricky


Habeas Corpus Jorge,

Let those people go

Or let them face legitimate charges,

Guantanamo   (oo oh oh no no no)

Some get lost in melody, others dance around

Me I sing in metaphor, and weave together sounds

Things are getting dark in the garden,

Something has blocked our sight

Lets pull up a couple of Bush’s

And let in a little more light ….Cindy, if you will

Oooooooooh oooooooooh

Lean out every window, dance through every door
Welcome every neighbor, into the circle’s core
Singing lot like carousel we all go up and down
Facing front or backward, still go round and still go

Oooooooooh oooooooooh oooooooooh oooooooooh


Copyright 2004 Jubalsun Productions Inc.,  All rights reserved.