In Side Out

                                                Hoffman /Stephenson/Stephenson


Letter arrives, no return address, posing two questions, out of the blue

First one being, what are you scared of, second one what will you do


I guess Iím scared to choose sometimes I feel just like a cat
Stuck there in the doorway, probably thinking that
If I go out I might regret it, if I stay in Iím missing out
Perhaps these questions will inspire me to let go of my doubt

Very next day another letter, two more questions out of thin air

First one being, what am I here for, second one why are you there

Well, I was still working on the first ones, but since you want to know
Iím here to learn the lesson, that I am all alone
And if you think you wonít remember, maybe youíd better make a note
Weíre all alone together, in an overcrowded boat

Very next morning, I stand on the porch, and wait for the mailman, come sun or come rain

I want to shout out, the moment I see her, whatís with the letters theyíre tweaking my brain


Thatís about the time I hear em, yes I do


Off in the distance I can hear them chanting I see a thousand mailmen, rounding the bend

The one in the front, she hands me a package, says this one is for you my friend



And off they went, chanting instructions

Alone with my package, I sit on the steps, the last of the mailmen have faded from view

Same old questions, what am I scared of, and of course what will I do

Very next moment I open the package, look inside and what do I see
An empty box lined with foil and my reflection staring back at me and I think
Who am I the king of insight, when did I get that job
I thought the box might contain some sort of question answering thingamabob

I am the package that holds the key, to all of the answers that I seek

And I have to admit Iím a little disappointed I was hoping all the answers would be in the box


Everyone out there keep an eye on your mailbox, you might get a letter out of the blue

It might contain questions, it may provide answers, or just your reflection looking back at you


You are the package that holds the key, to all of the answers that you seek

You are the package that holds the key, to all of the answers that you seek


Copyright 2004 Jubalsun Productions Inc.,  All rights reserved.